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Elexa Dawson


"New Song"



"New Song"is a call to all of our better, higher selves to imagine a better world. "The Way it has always been done is now gone. This is our moment to sing a new song."

"Music is Medicine"

Released 12/6/2020

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Rooted in the Flint Hills of Chase County, KS Elexa is a Native woman, mother and activist whose music draws from Americana and Roots styles. "Music is Medicine" is a concept album that took her down a path to rediscover the lives and history of women who walked before her.

Every lyric on "Music is Medicine" conveys not only a strong personal message, but one that will profoundly speak to listeners. Lost Cowgirl Records is honored to help Elexa share her inspirational, story-telling songs with the world. Elexa also shared her passionate story with the First People's Fund and received a grant that assisted her in the journey of articulating her dreams and desires for her career as a singer and songwriter. 

Elexa is the founding member of Kansas' folk homegrown favorite, Weda Skirts (formerly The Skirts). They have released two self produced albums: Many Moons - 2016, Mother - 2018. Elexa's original music is sultry and spirited and the tone of her voice has been described as "warm honey mixed with prairie dirt".


Elexa writes "Music is Medicine was conceived when two streams of my life came to a convergence. I’ve been working in music with bands but the time came for me to pursue a solo career that was buoyant and moving forward. I also longed to become more connected with my relatives up north in Michigan and Canada because the Great Lakes are my Anishnabe ancestors’ home. I wanted to reconnect my past and future generations, learn about what was so I can direct what is to come, and share my journey through the music. I needed medicine to heal that trauma that has been passed to me from the past seven generations so I did not burden my next seven generations. I used this project as a way to heal my personal wounds and I hope it will be useful in that way to many."

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"Her performances have a truth to them. These songs come from a place of strength forged in personal and historical legacies of survival and hope."

        -Jeffrey Darensbourg, Bulbancha is still a place

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