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Kansas based bluegrass band, Unfit Wives deliver catchy songs, hot lyrics, feisty four part harmonies and a highly entertaining show. Their original songs incorporate honest emotions of Unfit Wives and the name was inspired by society's pressure on women to conform to its standards. The band is best known for their"Unfit" live show that typically includes lots of stage banter and crowd interaction.

"Live & Unfit" OUT NOW!




Produced by Jenna Rae and Martin Farrell Jr. at Lost Cowgirl Records studio. Unfit Wives are currently releasing four singles, one original song by each band member. Three tracks have been released and can be found on all streaming platforms!

Fiddle - Shannon O'Shea

Guitar - Jenna Rae

Bass - Kahlen Ryba

Mandolin - Monica Greenwood

Banjo - Reagan Zagan

Unfit Wives cover.jpg

FOLLOW Unfit Wives on Spotify and look for one more single written by Kahlen Mitchell to be released before the full length album!

Damn That Man

Written by Shannon O'Shea


"There's a lot of great men in the world... this song is not about them."

Please Don't Let Me Go

Written by Jenna Rae

"Sometimes we have to ask for forgiveness.."


Pill Poppin' Mama

Written by Monica Greenwood

"This is the story of a bad, bad mama."

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