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Jenna & Martin

"Cosmic Western Duets"


Family Photos Oct 2020.jpg

"Cosmic Western Duets" was produced in the Lost Cowgirl studio by Martin Farrell Jr. All of the instruments were recorded by Jenna and Martin.

The duo met as banjo players at Winfield Bluegrass Music festival in 2016 and bonded through their love and appreciation for classic country music. They started learning Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris duets and quickly realized their voices nestled well together. Determined to write and create classic country music in a new way they create vintage vibes and nostalgic emotions. Martin makes his telecaster guitar and pedal steel "speak" like a dog, cat, truck, telephone or whatever the song requires.

In 2017 they moved out to Peculiar, Missouri to live with Jenna's Grandma and a lot of the songs from this album were born during that time. "Cosmic Western Duets" tells real stories about their love, determination, and struggles they experienced during this time. The album is layered with trippy pedal steel noises, fast pickin banjo, experimental telecaster sounds, rockin' rhythms, gospel harmonies, heartfelt emotions, and surprising stories. An interview and the album has been featured on KCUR, NOLA County Radio and Denver Jamgrass, and has been called "FAR OUT and DOWN HOME".

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