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Jenna Rae

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"Workin' Woman"


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Jenna Rae's modern day country music that she calls "Cosmic Western" includes elements of bluegrass, rock n roll, and gospel. Jenna's unique sounding voice fits somewhere between country and bluegrass and has been compared to Kitty Wells and Tammy Wynette. Her songwriting is edgy and different and can easily translate from being played with a bluegrass band or with a honky tonk band. Some people say it's almost like she's talking while singing, and each song telling a story of it's own.

"Workin' Woman" was the first album released through Lost Cowgirl Records and is a thematic album inspired by many years of working as a nurse by day and musician by night. It was named one of the top albums of the year by River Trade Radio. "Angels Among Us" was featured on a Spotify curated playlist called Cosmic Country. It also received a great review from Europe's Country Music People magazine.

Jenna writes "Being a young woman in today's America holds many opportunities that weren't there for women 30 plus years ago. During this integral point in human history, I hope "Workin Woman" serves to celebrate how far we have come, and inspires us to keep bettering ourselves. I dedicate this album to the lady who taught me to be a workin' woman: my mom."

The 12 track album was recorded over a three week span in the woods of Aitkin, Minnesota on Tame Fish Lake. It was produced by Martin Farrell Jr. in the Lost Cowgirl studio. All of the acoustic guitar, vocals, drums, banjo, and saxophone parts were recorded by Jenna. Electric guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, multi kord pedal steel, and mandolin were recorded by Martin Farrell Jr. Three tracks feature the dobro man from outer space Chad Graves, including the song "Here In Kansas" that turns from a country ballad to a bluegrass breakdown to a New Orleans style ending. Pedal steel player Mike Poholsky of the "Twang Daddies" is also featured on four tracks including "Dreamin", a simple, three chord song that has been played with many different bands over the past few years. The album was produced by Martin out of their self designed recording rig called "Tame Fish Studios".

Along with her solo music, Jenna's projects include:

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